Little Missouri River Float Trips

A float trip down the Little Missouri River is an ideal way to experience the beauty and solitude of the North Dakota badlands. Pre-trip Information It takes about 5 days to canoe the 107.5 miles from the bridge at Medora to the Hwy 85 bridge near the North Unit. Do not over estimate your ability, most boaters on this river … Read More

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Whether you are seeking to encounter a piece of American history, take a glimpse into the life of a former president, of enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat, the North Dakota National Parks have something for you. The vast North Dakota prairies, rivers, and badlands are home to a wide variety of native wildlife such as bison, … Read More

Little Missouri River

The Little Missouri River, North Dakota’s only state scenic river, wanders through a region of unparalleled beauty in the state. The Little Missouri–unpredictable, primitive and panoramic–characterizes and captures North Dakota’s adventurous spirit and western flair. The beauty of the badlands landscape was unique enough to protect as a national park, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who wandered the badlands to … Read More

Little Missouri State Park

Overview Wind, water and sand… these components sculpted North Dakota’s wildly rugged Little Missouri Breaks Country. Called “Mako Shika” or “where the land breaks” by the Sioux, these unusual land formations offer the state’s most awe-inspiring scenery. Some of the most picturesque Badlands scenery can be found at Little Missouri State Park. Most of this primitive park is accessible only … Read More